Q. Do I need a permit to build a fence?

It depends on the town you live in. Call your local building department and speak with a representative. You can find your local town building department contact information online. Check our list of towns here to find out more information on your town and what they require in terms of fencing.

Q. Do I need a property survey?

If you are installing a fence on the property line, yes. You will spend more money to re-install the fence than the cost of hiring the surveyor.

Q. What is the highest fence I can install?

Call your local building department and speak with a representative. Example: Corner lots have different regulations than standard lots.

Q. How close to the property line can I install the fence?

Normally 6″ is standard. Call your local building department to make sure of the regulations.

Q. What style of fence is best for a pool enclosure?

You should choose a fence that you can see through easily in the event someone gets into the enclosure.

Q. What side of the fence should face my neighbor?

The good (finished) side of the fence should always face your neighbor. We offer many styles that are the same on both sides.

Q. Why should I have a wrought iron railing?

We use solid steel to construct our railings, which is much stronger than aluminum or vinyl.

Q. What is galvanizing and why should I galvanize my wrought iron railing fence or gate?

Galvanizing is a process which prevents the steel from rusting. With a paint or powder-coated finish, you will have a low- maintenance product.

Q. Why should I stain my wood fence instead of painting?

Staining will extend the life expectancy of a wood product and does not chip and peel like paint. Left to age naturally, you can expect at least 15-20 years from a cedar fence. You can extend the life of the fence by as much as 10 years by protecting it with stain.

Q. Why should all the posts be cemented?

This will keep the fence true and straight and prevent the posts from moving.

Q. Why should I use Salem Fence?

  • 40 years experience in the business.
  • Customer service staff available by phone during normal business hours, Monday through Saturday.
  • Full time professional sales staff.
  • Our own full time installers – no sub-contractors.
  • Hundreds of satisfied customers and references.
  • Three year labor warranty.
  • A fleet of professional service trucks.
  • Established location with offices and showroom.