Pool fence is always a concern, especially now in towns that have a pool code and require homeowners to have fencing around their pools. While every town now has different requirements for pool codes, you should always check with your town clerk to make sure that you are meeting the requirements. Whether you are looking to abide by town code or looking to create a safe environment for small children, there are various different types of pool fencing we can offer. We can install wrought iron, aluminum, chain link, and PVC pool fencing, as well as various styles. We have installed all styles of pool fencing in the past, including some of these below. Click on the type of pool fence you are looking for to see even more of the styles we offer in that category.

Wrought Iron

Wrought Iron Pool Fence


Aluminum Pool Fence

Chain Link

Chain Link Pool Fence

Pool Fence

PVC Pool Fence


If you are interested in any of our styles of pool fencing for your home, contact our offices to set up a free in home consultation with one of our experienced estimators. They can offer their advice as to the best style of pool fencing for your yard.




Child Safety Gate Latch



When looking for pool fencing for your yard, it is always important to make sure you have the correct latch on your fence gate for maintaining a safe and protected environment around your pool. Most of our pool gates are installed with a magna-latch. This type of latch is most often the correct latch for meeting pool code. It has a metal magnet which allows the gate to close automatically behind itself and stay securely closed. I can be locked with a key and the gate cannot be shaken or pushed open once it is closed. It is the best gate latch for child safety and is high enough to be out of a child’s reach.

Chain Link Fence

Chain Link auto latch


Another gate latch option for pool enclosures is the auto-latch for chain link fencing. This latch can also meet BOCA pool code in most situations. The latch allows a gate to be opened by pushing down on the top, and automatically closes behind itself. It is a child safety latch, as it is too high for most children to reach the top of the latch to open the gate. This latch comes in a variety of styles to fit every size of gate or chain link fence.