All of our wood fences are made in our shop by our own skilled craftsmen

All the components of our wood fences are made from Northern White Cedar, including the pickets, backer rails, posts, and post caps. Cedar is one of the most durable timbers and the most resistant to decay and insects. Left unfinished, it will weather to a silver gray, or if you choose, can be stained any color. Most of our styles are doweled constructed. This means the section fits into the post rather than “toe screwed” or “nailed-on”. This gives the fence the structural integrity it needs to sustain time and weather. The following are some of the styles of wood fence we offer, however we can accommodate any design or specification, including swimming pool codes. Gates can be made to match any style and opening, including entrance gates. Click on the images below to see more…

White Picket Fence and Gate

Picket Fences

Semi-Privacy Lattice

Semi-Privacy Fences

Wood Post and Rail Fence

Post and Rail

Wood Privacy Fence

Privacy Fences


Wood Buyer’s Guide

As in all major purchases, a wise choice is one that has been researched. Unfortunately, when shopping for a fence many fence companies neglect to educate the consumer. We at Salem Fence Company want our customers to be well educated before they make any decision. Our philosophy is you may be saving $100 now to throw away the entire cost of the fence in a couple years. How? Let us explain:

  1. Quality Cedar- there are different grades of cedar. Buyer beware of companies that are passing off an inferior grade for a premium grade. Buyer beware of companies that sell their “all cedar” fence that has been fabricated with spruce back rails. If you are an uneducated consumer you would not know, but your fence will- as it will not last.
  2. Know that the company you choose is insured, licensed, and willing to stand behind their work with a warranty.
  3. Ask for references. Take the time to check them out. A little time could make a difference.
  4. Know the difference between doweled assembly versus toe-screwed assembly.
  5. Finally, ask questions. Familiarize yourself with the company you choose to do your fence project. Let price not be the only determining factor. Know the product you are paying for. In the end you do get what you pay for.



We have our own wood shop and can custom fabricate almost any item you may be looking for. Check out some of our custom wood products here.

Custom Wood Products